Buying Golf Club: Tips To Help You Get Quality Equipment

There is a big difference between buying golf and other sports equipment. Performance in golf depends heavily on accuracy and even a slight flaw in the club design can seriously affect the shot. The process of buying golf clubs is a skill in itself. In this article, we’ll show the best way to approach the whole buying process.

  • What to buy and how many clubs to buy must depend on your skill level. A common mistake most golfers make is to buy more clubs. Actually, newbie requires less and not more clubs. Buy a basic set and get clubs that don’t need custom fitting. After gaining experience you can buy custom fitted clubs. The main thing to focus on is the forgiveness of the clubs. Beginners of the game need clubs with the greater forgiveness, while intermediate golfers can go for something with less forgiveness.

  • If you’re not a total newbie, then you must very well know what you need before stepping foot in a pro shop. One way to go about things is to ask an expert to analyze your game and give suggestions. Equally important is how you feel about using clubs of different shaft stiffness.

  • The present day golf equipment manufacturers make clubs with shafts of 45-inch or longer. This is pretty close to the drive clubs that pros use in tours. If you ask for advice on drive clubs, their immediate reply would be that long clubs are harder to hit with a square face. We recommend you buy shorter drive clubs than longer ones.

  • Do you wear the same attire size as your fellow golfers? Certainly not, it won’t fit. So, how can you presume that a club size that is perfect for your golf buddy will suit you? You have to try the club to check if it’s the right size for you or not.

  • Hybrids have made life easier for golfers. But, when looking for hybrids compare them with the iron clubs you’re planning to replace. Ensure that the hybrids you’re about to buy are of the same length and loft that of the iron club.

  • Try to keep a light golf club kit. Do away with some of the iron clubs, probably, the 3-iron, 4-iron, and 5-iron. There is a good reason to back this suggestion. Over the years golf club makers have been reducing the loft of some of the irons. The 3, 4, 5-irons that are available these days have so little loft that they are of little use to the golfers.

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