Advantages Of Opting For Oceanico Millennium Golf Course

It’s a good feeling seeing so many fine golf courses not far from each other in Algarve. At the same time, it’s normal to be confused. You have a ton of options available and each course has something unique to offer. Well, today, we would try to convince you to select the Oceanico Millennium Golf Course for your next golf vacation. We intend to persuade by stating the advantages of the Oceanico Millennium Course.

Gorgeous landscape and surroundings

Portuguese treat tourists as kings and they would go out of their way to make you feel important and comfortable. Some of the golf courses in Algarve are created far from the towns and tourist attractions. But, in the case of the Oceanico Millennium you don’t have to travel far to experience other gifts of Algarve to the world. The golf course is situated in the Vilamoura Resort area – the hub that attracts a huge number of tourists. Since the course is set within the perimeter of the resort, you won’t have any problem going to the course from your resort room.

There is no way you’ll think of other golf courses after play on the Millennium Course. Even so, most tourists prefer covering multiple courses in one trip. Luckily, choosing Millennium gives you that freedom. Other well-known courses like Laguna Course are just meters away from the Millennium Course.

The Oceanico Millennium is right at the center of the most happening place in Algarve. Yet, when you’re on the course you’ll feel so calm and peaceful. The reason for this is the location of the course. The course is set in a natural countryside, surrounded by numerous pinewoods and other local vegetation.

A course with multiple characteristics

What could be better than experiencing the thrill of multiple courses at one place? That right, the Millennium Course was made using two sets of holes. A new set of nine holes were created and merged with the nine holes of the Laguna Course. The task of handling this tough job was assigned to Martin Hawtree. The designer refurbished the existing holes by tinkering the bunkers, greens, and even tees. You won’t see a course similar to this anywhere in Algarve.

A challenging golf course

One section of the course is open with scant vegetation. Here you’ll find the fairways to be wider and bordered by lakes in some cases. In the more wooded parts of the course the fairways are narrow and the greens small. Players need to focus on hitting accurate on narrower fairways to keep the ball within the borders.

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