Golf Tip Of The Week: An Easy Way To Improve Chipping

Improving in golf essentially means improving your chipping skills. It is easier said than done, but it is an achievable thing of course. You can take the help of these tips to improve your game:

Make use of your hands

If you want to chip properly, you must engage the hands to make them work in your favor. You might have read that you must use your putting motion to chip, but it is a wrong advice. The putting stroke does not use hands, but the chipping motion does. Hinging of wrists is essential for a great chip shot since it makes the golf club reach over the grass to strike down with the descending motion.

Take one club

If you do not get much time to practice the game, you must concentrate on using one golf club for chipping rather than many. Prefer using a sand wedge to hit the shot so that you can develop your stroke at your best. If you use appropriate technique, you can hit a variety of golf shots with only one golf club. You will see that you develop confidence if you use it continuously.

Reach the greens in all situations

All chips shots are created differently. Many are hit from petite grass right off the green’s side to the hole located in the center of putting surface, while other shots are stroked from the deep roughs lying on the downhill where the golf hole is located next to an edge. When you are prepared to hit the chip shot, observe the situation to make a wise choice for the kind of shot you want to pull off. Do not attempt to hit a miracle chip shot to leave the golf ball in the similar rough at the opposite side of greens. Even if you want to you have to take a long putt shot, you must do it and ensure that your ball reaches the green.

Decide the location of your putt shot

If you do not hole out the chip shot, you will need to make your putt conclude. Prior to chipping, you can walk to the hole to decide the location to take your putt shot. The correct observation skills are necessary for a great chip shot. You cannot develop your judgment instantly, but if given time, you can definitely do it.

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