Finding Great Package Golf Holidays Including Flights

Travelling abroad to play golf has become increasingly popular. Those golfers who head south on a relatively short flight can be guaranteed good conditions even if they decide to go during a Northern European winter when many courses are closed there. Even if courses are open play is often on temporary tees and greens while the weather takes its toll. One great destination for package golf holidays is the Algarve in Southern Portugal.

There are many reasons why you should think seriously about the Algarve:

  • Flight time to Faro from many regional airports in the UK for example is just three hours so you can fly in the morning and play that afternoon.
  • There is a well-developed tourist infrastructure because of the many attractions the Algarve possesses so there is plenty of accommodation to meet any budget as well as rental vehicles if you want independence.
  • The choice of golf courses has grown over the years. There are the Old Championship gems of Penina and Vilamoura Old but many fairly new ones offering golfers of all abilities a real challenge.
  • The climate is excellent and you can probably play in short sleeves even in the winter.
  • There is plenty to do during the hours, day or night, when you are not on the course. There is excellent local cuisine and plenty of restaurants serving it, a beautiful sea and nice beaches and a vibrant nightlife.

Down to Detail

There are other reasons but those should be sufficient to arouse interest. The next step of course is how to go about arranging things and seeing whether it is practical to travel on your preferred dates. There is plenty of information online about the individual golf courses and it is possible to actually book tee times on line and get an instant confirmation.

However it certainly makes sense to get advice from someone who specializes in packages in the area. In all likelihood its longstanding connections with the golf clubs means that you might even save money on green fees if it takes on the task of arranging the whole holiday.

The information you will need to provide will be the intended dates of your holiday, the courses you would prefer to play. In the case of the latter you may want to follow the advice of your specialist company. You need to decide on a budget and probably the place you want to make your base. The Algarve is a fairly compact area and you will find most courses fairly accessible.

You will not be committed to agreeing to the proposed arrangements until you have an idea of an itinerary and the costs involved. The only thing you will need to do is agree and then look forward to your holiday. The Algarve is a great golfing destination and you will soon see the merit of going there any time during the year.

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