Laguna Golf Course In Vilamoura – Essential Characteristics

Everything you wanted to know about Laguna golf course

The Laguna golf course in Vilamoura is a championship course, which is significantly different from all the other golf courses in Vilamoura. The golf course is well known for its distinct and unique characteristics, which make it quite a favorite among golf enthusiasts. Let us look at some of the essential characteristics of this renowned golf course in Vilamoura.

  1. History
  2. The Laguna Course was formerly called the Vilamoura III Golf Course that had 27 holes. The course was planned and designed by the famous US architect, Joseph Lee, in 1990. The golf course has seen many changes and improvements over time, as per the changing preferences and requirements of golfers.

  3. Architecture
  4. With a unique landscape and design, the Laguna golf course has various features of a link course. The architect of this golf course made it on a low-lying coastal landscape. Plus, the golf course has plenty of water hazards and very few trees.

  5. Specifications
  6. The Laguna golf course in Vilamoura has a short ground of par-72, measuring only 6121 m. The water hazards in the golf course are significant in 11 holes out of the total 18 holes on the course.

    Besides acting as a test to the skills of the golfer, the water hazards in the course also house several otters, amphibians, migratory birds, and terrapins, which in turn prove to be a visual treat for the golfers.

  7. Holes
  8. This unique golf course has various features of a link, including its challenges. For instance, the first hole in this golf course has a par-5 of 470 m, along with 5 bunkers in the green and some sand traps in the fairway.

    The second hole has a par-3 and is easy to play, with big bunkers in the fairway and short fairway. The fifth hole has a par-4 of 315 m. It demands a perfect approach and an equally correct drive, which makes it interesting.

  9. Challenges
  10. The Laguna golf course in Vilamoura is sure to give golfers a challenging and interesting experience. This unique golf course has wide fairways and very few trees, which in turn enables golfers to confidently hit strong drives.

    Additionally, the golf course has 79 strategically placed water hazards and bunkers, which pose a challenge for every type of golfer as well as test their finer skills. The occasional gust of wind is also a challenge for the players.

Thus, the Laguna golf course in Vilamoura has many unique characteristics.

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