Golf Putting Lessons Tried And Tested By Professionals

The feeling a golfer experiences seeing the putt finding the pin is just wonderful. A lot of players make par thanks only to the putting stroke. Just by improving your putt play you can significantly better the overall score. That’s because half the shots that are played in a round of golf comprise of the putt.

The putt shot might look simple, but there is a lot going on there. There are a few tried and tested putt techniques that can make you a putting master. Let’s take a look at them.

Work on the grip

This simple trick will help you get the putting grip right.

  • Take a club; press both the hands on the grip.

  • The hands must be parallel to each other

  • Move the right hand forward. The end of the right-hand palm must be in line with the base of fingers of the left hand

  • Grip the club with the right hand. Do the same with the left hand with just a small change. Point the left-hand index finger forward

  • Slowly bring back the right hand into the grip area.

  • The thumb finger of the right hand must point forward and run through the shaft.

  • Finally, the right little finger (pinkie) must be under the left-hand index finger

Setup and Stance

  • Even before you assume the putt stance you need to grip the putter club

  • Place the club face behind the ball

  • Take a shoulder width stance (i.e.) the outer line of the feet must be shoulder width apart

  • At this stage, you need to be in a straight position. To get into that position make sure the imaginary line passing through the edge of the heels is parallel to the target line

  • Slightly bend the knees and push the butt back a little. This is done to give balance and stability to the stance

  • The target line and your shoulders should be parallel to each other. But, if the shoulders are to the right of the target line the ball will go outside the target line. If it’s the opposite then the putt short will go left of the target.

  • Your eyes should be directly over the ball and the target line. Some experts feel it’s enough for the players to stand directly above the target line. The ball can be slightly closer or far away from you.

  • Have the hands directly below the shoulders. You won’t be able to play correctly if the hands are slightly tucked inside.

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