A Complete Instruction On How To Fix A Golf Slice

The slice is the bane of amateur golfer's lives. It robs you of massive power and distance. It robs you of power because it produces backspin that makes the ball climb up into the wind. You won't have any roll or penetration on your shots. You will feel weak because you drives don't go very far and your irons will never reach the green. This article will help you identify the cause rather than the symptom of your slice and will give you some tips on how to correct that banana ball flight.

  1. It is all down to swing path
  2. All slicers approach the hitting area from the outside and cut across the ball. If you were to swing with a neutral club face angle with that outside-to-in downswing path, your shots would go straight left at a 45-degree angle. The only reason this doesn’t happen is that our brain and body are very intelligent and they open the face to keep you from hitting a truly terrible shot.

  3. Get behind the ball.
  4. You are producing this "outside-to-in" path and coming "over the top" because you have too much weight on your left side. Aim for a neutral 50/50 weight distribution as you stand over the ball and get 80% of your weight on your right side as you move into the backswing.

  5. Start from the bottom of the golf swing totem pole.
  6. You start with the grip, then the clubface alignment, then stance and body alignment, and finally posture. Once we have got those correct, only then do we look for faults in the actual swing. 99 times out of a 100 you will find the problem there. If you have corrected all that and you still slice then you need to work on your turn, the motion of your body. Get the body turn right and the swing will follow.

  7. Swing around your body
  8. Aim to flatten your swing and have your arms rotate around your body. This will create a more inside-to-outside swing path that will correct your slice. You can drill this flatter swing arc by swinging longer clubs or by teeing the ball up higher.

Lastly, don't try to correct your slice out on the course. Accept the ball flight you have that day and try to lessen the damage by aiming at the left hand side of the course and fading the ball back. Only try to correct things once you get to the driving range after your round.

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