Golf Swing Simulation Drills To Help You Play Much Better

The secret of playing good golf is consistency; being able to complete a good swing time and again. That is best achieved by working hard to reach the point where the various moving parts of your body work in unison in the right way. The whole thing should be almost automatic yet it is very difficult to achieve.

There are an increasing number of aids to help golfers to improve their game. For many years now they have been able to see themselves and their swing on video and it is common to see a good professional swing superimposed to further highlight what a golfer needs to do to improve their own swing. Software can help everyone to see themselves and the things they need to correct to eradicate obvious mistakes. However there are drills that whilst they may be slightly boring at times yet they will gradually help you in your aim to improve.

Every sport requires a certain level of fitness and although golf is not always about strength it does pay to be fit, to be in control of your muscles so that you are flexible and therefore able to swing more smoothly. It does not mean you have to be pushing heavy weights every day but a little light training done regularly will help you, and you are likely to feel better as well.

However confidence comes from knowing you can succeed and that knowledge can be reinforced by doing some drills so that you feel entirely comfortable when it comes to hitting the ball:

  • Practise swinging with your feet together. It will certainly help your balance and stability and is likely to eradicate unwanted body movements; swaying especially. If your tempo is wrong you are likely to fall over.
  • Use your ears. The more club head speed you generate the more ‘whoosh’ you will hear. Your drill does not involve hitting the ball but swinging a shaft or holding your club by its head.
  • It takes no time at all to practise rotation without even having a club nearby. Hands on opposite shoulders and practise shoulder rotation. If you cannot get on to the golf course more than once a week, simple drills like this will help you remember what you want to being doing next time you are on the course.

Not everyone has plenty of time to go to the practice ground. Think about how you can best keep your body prepared for your next game. There are drills that can help.

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