Golf Schools In Portugal – An Overview Of Top Options

Golf is one of Portugal’s most famous and best sports and the number of challenging courses, beautiful scenery and favorable climate make it a haven for any golf lovers. If you are planning a trip to Portugal and want to hone your golf skills side by side, there are many good golf schools you must check out. These are not only suitable for those who want to learn golf but also those who want to learn new and challenging shots to play on difficult courses. Below are some of the best golf schools in Portugal you must take a look at.

Estoril Golf Academy

The PGA Daniel Grimm Golf Academy is located on one of Europe’s oldest golf courses, the Estoril Golf course. This course overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and lies 20 minutes to the west of Lisbon. Here you can enjoy golf all year round as the climate is mild throughout the year. The academy here not only teaches beginners but also those with different levels of golf experience. You can play one either the 9-hole Blue Course or the Estoril Championship course, depending on your need. This school also allows you to take the test for the green card which will allow you to play on any course in Portugal.

Quinta do Lago

The Qunito do Lago course located in Algarve is one of the most challenging yet exciting courses in Portugal. The academy here has an intensive training session that includes both half-day and full-day sessions. You will undergo three hours of rigorous training where video feedback will also be given. The instructors will also use computers to detect and analyze your swing and shots. You will also be taught about putting, chipping, the different clubs you can use etc. The full-day session also includes a 9-hole management session.

Monte Rei

The Monte Rei golf academy is located on the Monte Rei golf and country club in Algarve. This academy has PGA professionals to instruct you about the different shots you can play and how you can hone your skills. There are video analysis sessions and computer analyzed motion tests of your shots. There are also bunker practice areas and a number of putting greens where you can practice all kinds of swings to get that perfect hole in one. There is also a custom fitting shop to help you get the clubs and equipment that will suit you the best.

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