Advice For Newbies Searching For Good Golf Deals In Algarve

No matter how much money you have to spend on a golfing holiday, you want to cut costs wherever you can. This is often easier said than done, but by just focusing on the right area, and applying a little bit of research, you can save. All that money that you do save can easily be translated into a couple of extra rounds of golf, or a nice supper out with your golfing buddies at the end of your holiday. Let’s take a look at a number of ways you can save, particularly when you plan your trip to the Algarve.

Own trip v packaged deal

If you have the time, planning your own trip can sometimes lead to savings. It just takes so much time to plan! Packaged deals, especially when you can find them on a special offer (think just before the regular season), can actually save plenty of money. Combine that with a bigger group of golfers and you can save even more.

Big groups

More golfers going along on the trip means more bargaining power. This is especially true with course fees, hotel bookings, and sometimes even flights. Remember to travel together to save on transport from the airport to your hotels.

Holiday out of season

This is particularly true for countries such as Portugal, where the weather out of season can still be very pleasant. Even if you go a month before the season starts, rest assured hotel prices, course prices, as well as food and drinks, will be cheaper.

Pack well

Be sure to pack golfing essentials that you can easily fit in your bag. Pack as many balls as you can, this means you won’t have to buy at the course or golf resort where you are staying. Here, the prices will be marked up.

Midweek prices are cheaper

If you are only going for a three to five-day golfing holiday, consider a midweek booking. That will also help to save a lot of cash.

Consider self-catering

If you are a half-decent chef, stay in a self-catering apartment on the golf course. This will save tons of money, especially as you won’t be eating at the hotel restaurant every day.

Tee-off in the afternoon

Not only will this let you lie in a bit in the morning – a good way to nurse a golfer’s hangover – but it will save you money. Afternoon tee-off times are definitely cheaper than those in the morning.

By following a few of these simple tips, you can save yourself plenty of money during your golfing holiday.

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