A Handful Of Easy But Efficient Putting Golf Drills

Top golf professionals, without any exception, have an excellent long game. They very well realize that to gain an edge over competitors it’s vital to be a master of the short game strokes. Putting is one of the key shots in the golf short game. The putter can be the game changer among equally skilled and experienced golfers. The putter stroke isn’t hard to learn; you only need a proper technique and hard work to master the short game shot. In this article we share a handful of puttering drills.

The Clock Drill

It won’t be good to see a player hitting long drives, landing the approach on the green, but missing the two feet distance putter shot. There is no easy putt; often short putts are harder than the long ones. You need to practice putts from short distance, and one way to effectively do that is using the Clock Drill.

Place four golf balls three feet away from the hole, each ball should be placed at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 positions of a clock. Again, place another set of four balls at a distance of six feet from the hole. And, the final set of four balls should be placed nine feet from the hole. The objective of the Clock Drill is to hit all 12 balls into the hole; miss one and you’ll have to start the drill all over again.

The Path Drill

The putter doesn’t have an expansive swing; even so many beginners either pull or push the ball. That’s because they have a hard time developing a consistent swing path. They either play the outside-in or inside-out path. The Path Drill helps golfers swing down the target line. Place two clubs parallel to each other, the gap between the two must be enough to allow putter to pass through. Now, place the ball between the two clubs and play the putt shot without touching the clubs.

The Ladder Drill

Players can accomplish two goals with the ladder drill – to improve long distance putter shots and gain better control over the putt. For this drill you need 4 to 5 tees, each at a distance of 10 feet from the hole. So, if the first tee is 10 feet away, the second, third, and subsequent tees must be at 20, 30, 40, and 50 feet from the hole. Begin the drill by hitting the ball to the first tee that’s 10 feet from the ball. Ensure the ball stops close to the tee (i.e.) try to control the distance and speed of the ball. Next, aim to reach the tee that’s 20 feet away, then the tee at 30 feet, etc. When this is done, increase the distance to 20 feet and aim for the tees that are at 20 and 40 feet away.

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